Dental Crowns

Is your pretty pearly white smile in need of repair? Crown dentistry is a particular type of dental restoration that covers a tooth or dental implant completely. These types of crowns are usually most important when the health of a tooth is being investigated. Usually, a dentist bonds these crowns to the original tooth with bonding cement to reduce wear and remove the tooth from any negative situations; hiding and improving the quality of the tooth by strengthening it and making it look better. The benefits are inarguable; but sometimes the procedure to create a quality tooth is expensive.

Dental Crowns in North Hollywood

Dental Crowns

The absolute most common method to applying a crown is to take a dental impression of a prepared tooth by the dentist, which fabricates the crown outside of the mouth; then the crown can be inserted at the next possible dentistry appointment, since the heat required to make a quality crown would be impossible to achieve inside a patient’s mouth – like firing porcelain or steel to achieve the correct measurements and accounting for expansion or contraction. Usually, the costs of gold is the same as new age expensive porcelain; as well as adding a little bit of an aesthetic appeal.

These technologies are constantly growing and evolving as times get more and more involved and ingrained in science and mechanical technology; and the fabrication thereof. There are several reasons to look into getting any dental crown work done;

– Implants – for those needing hybrid prosthetic devices or fillings integrated into bone.

Endodontically treated teeth – when teeth are devitalized from nerve and blood supply and become “pulp chamber” and “root canal“; they get thoroughly cleaned and cleansed to reduce and prevent further future bacteria, and also provides enough tooth structure to restore the wall of the tooth to help with any necessary mastication. If an individual goes directly with a root canal, the result can be an extremely brittle tooth that is significantly weaker than any of its more vital and healthy neighbors.

– Surveyed crown – in lieu of a removable partial denture procedure because of lack of dimensions of features, crowns offer a much more specific and ideal repair for individual teeth.

– Aesthetics – Crowns are becoming very popular because of great advances in technology and science. If a person can’t get aesthetic procedures like veneers or laminates (if a patient’s occlusion prevents it) or if the patient is a bruxer (tooth clincher), these crowns provide enough support to protect and shield teeth from the 150-200 pounds of constant pressure a person’s jaw can create.

When you’re looking to get one of these crown application procedures done, you’ll want the very best that there is. If you’re looking for good, quality dentistry; look no further than Dr. Yakubov, who has years of experience and is the absolute best at what he does. Not only does he have all the experience that you could ever want; and a guarantee for excellence, he cares about his patients and offers a comfortable experience to create a new smile that you will cherish.

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