A dental inlay is a dental procedure that serves as a dental filling. This procedure is looking to serve those individuals that may not be too comfortable with the alternative for silver dental fillings. This is why inlays are gaining more popularity. Though they are a filling, they still allow for a natural overall appearance.

Dental Inlay Onlay North Hollywood

They look similar to your natural teeth and fit perfectly. It is considered as a type of restoration for a tooth that may have suffered dental concerns that have surpassed tooth filling. Inlays and onlays seek to achieve the same objective of repairing the chewing surface of teeth as well as restoration concerns where applicable. However, inlays are meant to meet this objective by covering the surface between cusps. Onlays on the other hand seek to meet this objective by restoration of fractured cusps.

The materials that make inlays or onlays include gold, porcelain or composite resin. The factors contributing to which material is to be used will depend on your financial constraint, how long you need them considering the different qualities and the appearance you deem best for you.

Unlike other dental procedures seeking to achieve the same objective, inlays are last longer than amalgam or the composite fillings. They are also more affordable as compared to dental crowns. The greatest advantage is that the procedure for inlays does not come with possible complications.

A dental inlay procedure is less complicated and it may take about two visits to the dentist. Many dentists will term it as an indirect dental restoration process. During your first visit to the dentist, measurements will be taken and a mold created in a lab will be created just for your fit.

The dentist will provide you (the patient) with a local anesthesia to ease any pain, prepares your tooth and as the mold is prepared, a temporary inlay will be put in place. The mold that was measured is sent to the lab. It is from this mold that your inlay is created. Taking measurements allows for customization which ensures that the fit is perfect despite the different dental formulas.

Due to the advancement in technology, individuals can now have their inlay fillings within one visit to the dentist. After the procedure is complete, it is important to care for your inlays just as you would care for your teeth. Adjust and maintain a good oral hygiene program. Frequently brush your teeth, floss when necessary to prevent further damage.

It is also important that you adhere to all your dental visits. The dentist needs to monitor on-going progress. In the event that there may be some complications, the dentist will be able to take note in its early stages and address it rather than letting it be and creating a bigger problem/ complication.

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