Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic Treatment North HollywoodOrthodontic treatment, also known as orthodontics, is a special field designated within the realm of dentistry. The dentist and the field of general dentistry, is what most people are familiar with because they are the health care providers you see for cleanings, crowns, and fillings. Orthodontists however, are involved in the treatment of what is called malocclusions which are improper bites. Malocclusions are normally the result of irregular teeth and or unequal jaw alignments. Most people who are familiar with orthodontist or orthodontic treatment, think of friends wearing braces or they, themselves wore braces as children. This is because a common treatment within orthodontics is using metal wires called Jushi, and inserting the wires into brackets known as braces. These brackets are often made of stainless steel. However, they can also be created from a more attractive looking ceramic material. These wires then work to move and realign teeth in their correct positions. Another, method of fixing teeth alignment is using what is called Invisalign or aligner trays.

These trays are simply plastic trays that are worn to move teeth. Invisalign and other clear tray methods are often preferred by older patients, especially adults that believe they are past the stage of childhood braces and wish to make the orthodontic treatment less noticeable. When it comes to issues with jaw growth, there are appliances that can also help. Such appliances are: dental braces with power chains (elastic ligatures combined together), removable appliances like headgear, expansion appliances and lots of other devices. These appliances are often used in younger patients at about five to fourteen years of age. The goal of these devices are to change the jaw dimensions and how they come together. Especially, if it is causing a hindrance for the patient. Orthodontic treatment also focuses on the treatment of improper bites and or crooked teeth.

Orthodontist Treatment in North Hollywood

Orthodontist can help patients’ teeth to be set in their correct places. Once patients have undergone their needed time in devices such as braces, they are typically prescribed to wear retainers to help keep the teeth in their correct positions while the bone reforms around the teeth. These retainers are often worn full-time for anywhere between a few days to a year. Finally, after the full time has expired they usually worn part time such as at night while sleeping. After prolonged retainer wearing teeth can stay in their new realigned positions or may move again. Thus, an orthodontist will recommend a time period to best remedy the teeth moving out of position. Although most of the gear and devices appear to be only used on the teeth of patients for cosmetic use. Orthodontists actually focus on the whole face for health benefits as well as cosmetic benefits. If you think that yourself or someone you know requires orthodontic treatment then make sure to find a qualified orthodontist. Dr. Mickel Jourabchi is highly knowledgeable and highly recommended in the field of orthodontics. Thus, if you are looking for quality orthodontic treatment you should schedule your appointment soon for your health and for your smile.