Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentist North HollywoodPediatric dentistry is the branch of dentistry that deals with children through their developing years. During this time it can be very difficult to get your children to go to the dentist. Fear of the dentist is common, and often goes away with age. Choosing a caring pediatric dentist can make this process easier on your child, setting them up for a lifetime of good dental hygiene. While there are plenty of adult dentists that will do a fine job with your child, it is preferable to find a dentist who caters to a child’s needs.

A child with good dental habits will set themselves up for good dental health. A good dentist can walk them through all the steps that they need to ingrain. This includes the proper techniques that they can use for a lifetime. Brushing, flossing, and rinsing are great skills to acquire at a young age. Having healthy teeth early in life allows for problems to be spotted and avoided. Pediatric dentistry is designed to be relatable to children. A good dentist will be able to put terms in a way that appeals to children. A dentist that they trust is a dentist that they will listen to.

The environment of a pediatric office is something that appeals to children and adolescents as well. There are toys, books, and games that will make them feel right at home. Going to the dentist’s office should not be a stressful ordeal. By making these trips as fun as possible, children will be more willing to come. Feeling more comfortable in the environment can make all the difference on your trip to the dentist. Oftentimes prizes are available to good patients. These include fun floss packs, stickers, and many other trinkets that children will enjoy. The entire experience is set up to be fun from start to end.

By starting your child early, the dentist will be able to keep a full record of his or her dental history. This is important as it allows future dentists to make more informed decisions as your child grows older. This is the complete profile that most medical professionals are eager to see. It’s a great asset that can continue to serve your child for decades. Getting to know a dentist personally will make the entire transition easier. Whether your child needs braces in the future, or their wisdom teeth out, you will be able to plan ahead.

It takes a certain special care to make sure that your child is satisfied. Dr. Yakubov and Dr. Mickel Jourabchi are well versed in all the requirements of pediatric dentistry. Certified and trusted, these doctors will make sure that your child is in good hands. They offer all kinds of services that make them the place to go for all your dental needs. It can take time to build a trusting relationship, but Dr. Yakubov is more than happy to be there for you. If you are interested in getting the best for your child, Dr. Yakubov should be on your short list of dentists to call.

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