Root Canals

Root canals get a pretty bad reputation in this day and age. When people think of the term root canal, it conjures up all kinds of negative images and feelings. The truth is that root canals have been modernized to be more effective and less painful. If you are worried about a root canal, your feelings should be put to rest. There is often a slight discomfort associated with the procedure, but many report that it is no worse than a typical filling. The good news is that this procedure can save your tooth, or reduce pain and inflammation.

Root Canal

The best way to understand a root canal is to understand the anatomy of a tooth. You may or may not know that the center of your tooth is actually soft. This area, known as the pulp, contains blood vessels and nerves. It is what allows you to “feel” your teeth. It is also very important to your dental health. The pulp serves as the command center for your teeth, warning you if there is a problem. When the pulp gets infected or inflamed, it is often because the hard part of your tooth (the dentin) has been cracked or otherwise compromised.

Root Canals in North HollywoodRoot Canal North Hollywood

If your dentist feels it is appropriate, he or she may perform a root canal. This procedure seeks to fill or remove some of the pulp. This often requires that some of the pulp material, particularly damaged or infected pulp, is cleared out from the tooth. This creates a hallow place from which your dentist can maneuver. This may seem like a radical procedure, but it is very common. Most importantly, a root canal does a great job of relieving pain. In many cases teeth have been saved by dentists who apply proper technique.

Root canals are nothing to fear, particularly if you feel pain in your teeth. Generally, the procedure is finished in less than an hour. The relief that you feel will last a lifetime. It is also good to know that you will keep your own teeth, without having to get any kind of implants. This technique has also developed to be more effective and less painful. It is not the procedure that many people fear it will be. The unfortunate truth is that oftentimes people will delay treatment because they are afraid of a procedure. This can lead to suboptimal outcomes.

If you are having pain in your tooth or think you might need a root canal or similar procedure, you should only contact the best. Dr. Yakubov has performed this procedure many many times, and will be more than happy to perform the procedure for you. His experience is more impressive than any other practice in the area. You will have the advantage of knowing that you are being treated with good hands. Dr. Yakubov is an expert in this procedure, and will make the entire experience as enjoyable as possible. If you are worried, you can rest easy knowing that everything will be okay. The entire experience may sound daunting, but the results are well worth it.