Laser Teeth Whitening

Having laser teeth whitening is a procedure to lighten the natural color of your teeth without damaging the teeth. The process does not remove any of the surface areas of teeth, so it does not leave any lasting impression. The original shade of the teeth that are treated is whitened to a lighter color.

What are the benefits of teeth whitening?

Teeth darken in color as we get older, which is entirely natural. It is not just as a result of age, but more so all of the foods and drinks we consume daily. Any habits such as drinking tea, or coffee, blackcurrant juice, red wine, smoking, and certain foods can accelerate the darkening of teeth. There are also some medicines such as antibiotics that are also known to darken teeth. Having a laser teeth whitening procedure can reverse the effects of darkening or yellowing of teeth, this is the primary reason people choose to have it done.

Laser Teeth Whitening in North Hollywood

Laser Teeth Whitening North Hollywood

What does laser teeth whitening involve?

The entire process should not take longer than one hour. The dentist will clean the surface of the teeth first, removing any plaque and giving them a quick polish. Then a gumline barrier is fitted to protect the area around the teeth. Whitening solution is then gently applied to the surfaces on the front of the teeth; then the laser is used to stimulate the whitening process. It takes between 30-60 minutes depending on how dark the teeth were to begin with, the teeth are then rinsed with fluoride solution to reduce any sensitivity that may be experienced.

Where can I find the most qualified teeth whitening clinic?

There are many different variations of teeth whitening, and choosing a reputable and quality service is of particular importance when your health is concerned. If you want to use a dentist that have carried out this procedure for some time, Dr. Roland Yakubov has whitened the teeth for hundreds of satisfied patients. Dr. Yakubov can advise you on the best treatment plan for the perfect smile. To learn more about the cost associated with whitening your teeth in North Hollywood California and zoom whitening treatment, contact CDC Dental Center at (818) 985-1148 today.